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Latisha Loos is an designer & art director based in Rotterdam. In 2020 she graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art with a BA in Lifestyle Transformation Design. She has a fascination with people and the way they live their lives and tell their stories. For her every story needs to be told. With experience in a wide variety of design disciplines, she specializes in thoughtful, spacial design, photography and art direction.


she likes to make thinks, thinking, creating imagery, finding solutions to every problem and creating a great concept. She loves to use color, geometry and using light. 


In her day-to-day work she works at a marketing agency and has the position of art director and graphic designer. There she has built up a lot of experience with working in a creative team and creating a great brand and concept. 


Latisha is passionate about helping others through her creativity. Her greatest joy comes from watching dreams come to life through design and creative expression.

Since 2021 she is the co-founder of the multidisciplinary design studio named Bold. 

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