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1,324 SERIES

1,324 series Blue 1

1,324 Series 

Inspired by Dom Hans van der Laan's theory the “Plastic Ratio” we have designed a series of wall pieces.

The way we currently design and build is based predominantly on the metric system but our perception of space is not created through meters or centimeters. We read our environment by relating objects to one another. The main premise of the series is not about “beauty” but the clarity of perception, an important feature from the Plastic Ratio. All the measurements in the series relate to each other through the “order of size”, resulting in a harmonious whole; the core of van der Laan's principle. The starting point of all proportions begins with the diameter of the shiny, inner magnet. Depending on how daylight hits the sculptures and the position of the spectator, the perception of form can alter.

This project came together in collaboration with Atelier Schaft & Tijs Struijk.

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